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Eleftherios Papadimitriou

E. Papadimitriou. Artisti and owner of Artistic Shine.

Welcome to Artistic Shine, my personal creative outlet. I'm enjoying creating paintings and drawings and always trying my best to create high quality works for artlovers all around the world.

I create art from the time I was going to elementary school. I discovered that I had some kind of skill when my teacher embarrassed me in front of the class for the proportion mistakes I had done on my work for the painting lesson. I decided to make my next painting looking from a photo, so as to please my teacher. I found out that I was able to depict the photo with accuracy and since then my works was admired not only from my teacher but from my classmates as well. 

I kept drawing from photos on my own for the next years when I decided to find a teacher at high school for private lessons. I quited drawing from photos and I began to draw from real life objects. With the help of my teacher I broke new ground. However, I didn't believe so much in myself and I couldn't imagine myself as a professional artist in the future. So, painting was only a hobby for me the next years and I gave my energy to attend classes regarding sociology, I graduated from university and I started professional training in group psychotherapy.

At the same time and with the encouragement from my environment I attended art lessons in an art college where I developed further my skills, I worked on various themes, such as portraits, nudes, landscapes etc. with many and different mediums. In addition, until the time I had finished the college, I had found my personal style, the mediums and art themes I love the most and my self-confidence. As a result, I decided to continue painting in a professional way.    

Artistic Shine

I formed Artistic Shine in August 2021 as a small personal company with the idea to offer prints of my original handmade paintings and drawings. All know that original art is expensive, so I thought that art prints is an excellent alternative choice for anyone who loves art but can't afford it.

My mission is to offer high quality drawings and paintings at low prices so as to help many people make their daily surroundings more joyful and healthier!

Not only this, painting is considered the best idea for a gift. In addition to prints,  you can transform, through custom-order, photos of your loved ones into art so as to make a more personalized gift to them. 

I offer paintings and drawings, basically in realistic style. All the artworks are made by me using graphite pencils, charcoals, colored pencils and pastels. I use superior quality art stationary and work with full passion and dedication to provide you with the art you can't ignore. A wide variety of themes like portraits, landscapes, monuments, pets and wild animals and more is available to choose from to match your personal and professional space for increasing its decency and style.

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