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Welcome to Artistic Shine Art Blog!

Art Blog

I formed this blog to share with you my passion for painting, the impact of art on interior design and art in general.

I formed Artistic Shine as a small personal business to help people enhance their living and professional spaces, bring the beauty of art to their surroundings and offer personalized gifts to their loved ones.

On this blog I will post:

  • Tips and advices to enhance the wall decor of your home and office, match up the characteristics of your space with the suitable paintings, frame and perseve paintings and many more.
  • Information about painting, history and styles of art and about biographies of various artists.
  • Information about philosophy of aesthetics. In short, aesthetics try to answer questions about the essence and the value of art both for the artist and the viewer.

I will also share with you news and releases relating to Artistic Shine. I expect that other ideas and topics will come up along the way and hope you will find them relevant.

You are more than welcome to respond, add comments and suggestions. Even disagree. I ask that we keep our comments relevant to the conversations taking place here so that we can maintain respect for all those involved and add value and depth to the discussion.

I moderate comments and will quickly remove any that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant. That means that if you simply come by to advertise your website [SPAM], your comment will be deleted.

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I encourage you to visit the Artistic Shine website and learn about my business, about what I offer and who I am. Feel free to contact me for more information!

Thank you for reading, visiting, commenting and contributing. I am excited to have you here!

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