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How Wall Art Decor Improves Our Living Quality

"Wall art decor" is a term that refers to various kinds of items, such as paintings, mirrors, stickers and more. In this article, I will refer to the value of indoor design and wall decor in general. Then I will analyze the benefits of wall paintings decor. Finally, I will suggest an alternative option, which can meet our personal needs.

 The Value of Interior Art Design

In recent years, the general improvement in living quality has changed people's tendencies. They value the unity of art, functionality and practicality of interior decoration. The kinds of decoration materials play a vital role, too. 

People nowadays tend to prefer the beauty and comfort of decor items. Durability and practicality are secondary properties. This kind of material decoration sometimes is referred to as "soft decoration".

Soft decoration materials are items that can change from time to time without too much cost and toil. Windows, ceilings, high-cost furniture and more belong to "hard decoration". Soft decor can change the general indoor mood and match our inner self as it changes over time.


Graffiti on Wall Decor

Many psychologists suggest that our home decor affects our mood, emotions and behaviour. Home decor also informs others about our personality, values and preferences.


The Essence of Wall Decor

Wall decoration plays a vital role in interior design. Walls occupy significant areas of every kind of room. If walls are blank, they create a feeling of emptiness and a lack of harmony. In contrast, wall decor brings enjoyment and beautifies our lives. Its most important function is to establish a fully functional and beautiful environment.

 Wall Art Deco Painting Living Room

Moreover, a combination of walls and soft decoration can change a static space. A dynamic space can follow the development of our inner and daily life. Buying items that meet our present taste and income is an excellent wall decor option.


Paintings As Wall Art Decor

Buying a painting for wall decor is a choice that has all the characteristics that I discussed above. Moreover, compared to other wall decor items, paintings can:

  •  delve deeper into the viewer's own experiences and feelings,
  • reflect our inner self,
  • create a healthier environment that positively influences our mood,
  • improve our critical thinking.

 On interior decor, paintings

  • create an intense focal point inside the room that catches the viewer's eye and gives him a sense of what to expect,
  • give a feeling of completeness.


Art Prints

You may wonder if paintings decor is neither cheap nor belongs in soft decoration. Paintings usually cost a lot of money, so you can't change them light-heartedly. 

The above thoughts are reasonable. However, there is an alternative to original paintings: art prints. Art prints are high-quality prints of the original artwork. They can be printed on heavyweight paper or canvas and are available as open and limited editions. Art prints are cheaper for sure and last for many years. In this way, you can have the best of both worlds.

So, why stare at bare walls and lose all the benefits that wall art decor provides to you, your guest and clients?

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