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Art Prints or Original Art? Pros & Cons!

Which to Buy?

Art Prints or Original Art?

Understanding what you buy is the most important thing. Some people don't know if a painting is original or not and what the term 'art print' means. It's also essential to know the differences between original art and prints to make the best choice. So, an article that clarifies all these topics is valuable for art customers and art lovers in general.

What is original fine art? 

Original fine art is any artwork handmade by the original artist and is unique. Buyers have the exclusivity of the possession and pay more for this privilege. The value of original artwork is determined by:

  • its material characteristics (dimensions, mediums and more), 
  • the value of the artist (awareness, technique level, creativity and more) and
  • the demands of the art market (what art style is in fashion, for example).


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What is art print?

An art print is a high-quality reproduction of original artwork. The original one is scanned or photographed in high resolution (at least 300 dpi). Then the digital form is printed on various materials, such as paper, canvas, wood and more. This process results in different sizes of the same artwork.


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There are two kinds of art prints; the "limited" and "open" edition.

A limited-edition is a fixed number of reproductions of the same artwork. When sold out, there are no more reproductions. A limited edition is a middle state between the original artwork and an open edition. This fact increases their value as there are only a few copies of them and no mass production.


Open-edition prints are cheaper because the reproductions have no limit. They are also offered in many different sizes to match the interior design. This option has many benefits both for the artist and the customer.

What is the better choice for you?

Original artworks have qualities like texture and a feeling that you can't find on a print. It's an investment, too. Some people want to own only original artworks. They are usually art collectors or galleries having the budget to afford them.


In opposition, art prints provide a cheaper option for art lovers whose budget is low to buy the original. Also, the dimensions of the original may not match the wall space that the customer wants to decorate. Art prints are available in various sizes. Finally, many people don't care about the original art and print's differences.

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Artwork Options in Artistic Shine's store.

At Artistic Shine, we emphasize high-quality products but also low prices. We offer art prints in various sizes for every budget. We'll add limited edition prints after we possess a satisfying amount of open edition prints.


Yet, we already offer original custom portrait paintings and drawings from your photos. You can order portraits and pet portraits and get the original artwork at low prices.


Note that we also offer free shipping worldwide.


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In the end, what you buy and the corresponding price must make sense for you. We can only guarantee high-quality products and excellent customer service!

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