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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Art Prints For Wall Decor!

Art Prints & Wall Decoration!


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In recent years, the general improvement of living quality has changed people's choices about home decor. People value more the unity of aesthetics and functionality. They have also changed their tastes in the kinds of decoration materials.


One of these kinds of decor items is art prints. An art print is a high-quality reproduction of the original artwork. The original is scanned or photographed in high resolution. Then, a fine printer prints the digital form on various materials, such as paper, canvas, wood and more.


Below, I'll give you seven reasons to choose an art print for your home decoration. I'll also compare art prints to original paintings. Of course, I'll also compare them to other decor items, like clocks, mirrors, etc.


1. A budget-friendly option

Buying an original artwork is an investment. The original painting is unique, and its value may increase over time. Yet, the cost goes beyond the average income of an ordinary household. Buyers of original artworks are usually art collectors or galleries that can afford the cost.


On the other side, buying art prints is an alternative and cheaper option. It is suitable for those who:

  • love artworks and want to decorate their homes with paintings,
  • don't have much money to buy the original one,
  • prefer to decorate many rooms with images. With art prints, you can make a collection without spending a fortune.

2. A Large variety of print sizes

Each home and room is different, and the choices we make should match these differences. Original paintings have standard sizes that may not go with your wall space. They may not create harmony with the dimensions of the other furniture in the room.


When you choose an art print, you can select among various sizes. Even if there isn't a suitable size to meet your own needs, you can easily order a custom size. Then, you have only to choose the right frame for your art print to match the room design.


So the variety of sizes is uncountable. It is almost impossible not to find a print that will not match your walls' spaces. 


3. Printed on a variety of materials

Not only the size choices are infinite, but also the printed materials. Artists create each work on a specific surface (canvas, for example). But what if the one you like want to be in a different material?


That is also an advantage of art prints. Any artwork can be printed on various materials, like paper, wood, canvas, fabric, plastic, and metal, to name a few. So, you can have a final product exactly as you imagine it.


  4. Change them easily

 paintings stored on the floor


You may want to change or renew your home or wall decor from time to time. Our personalities develop across time. We want our home environment to match this development. Renewal is a possible state when there is a significant event in our life (marriage, for example). Maybe you need a refresh of your home that can refresh your general mood.


It is difficult to put aside an original painting that you have spent a lot of money to buy it. This fact limits your decoration choices.


An art print is a more flexible choice. Because of the low cost, you can put aside an art print that doesn't match your new interior design. You can then buy another art print more suitable for the present state.


5. Art Prints create a focal point

Some people don't like to decorate their walls. They prefer to paint them with a colour, either usual or not, monochrome or mixed.


But, a wall decor item creates a focal point inside a room and catches the viewer's eye almost immediately. So, it creates a more pleasant optical view of the entire room. Your guests will value the interior design. They'll also make conclusions about your character and your desires and taste.


6. Create a feeling of completeness

A living room with a bare wall and one with a framed art print hanging on the wall

As a result of the previous point, a wall decor item creates a feeling of interior completeness. Imagine a room decorated with beautiful furniture and carpets while the walls are empty. There is a sense of something missing.


7. Aesthetical value of art

 man feeling free in a colorful place


You may wonder why to buy an art print and not another item, like a mirror, to decorate your walls. All these items can fulfil all the previous points of this post.


Even though this is true, art prints have other benefits besides the previous ones. A painting:

  • has an aesthetic value, 
  • creates intense feelings in the viewer by reflecting the inner self,
  • can give soul to the cold walls,
  • add colour to the room, and 
  • create a healthier home environment.


Moreover, many surveys talk about the positive impact that art has on our environment. An artwork:

  • influences beneficially our mood,
  • increases our mind's abilities, such as critical thought,
  • brings enjoyment to our senses, and

beautifies our daily lives.


We can summarize the benefits of art prints into four words: cheapness, flexibility, completeness and joy.


These benefits are enough to reconsider your decisions about the kind of items that you want for your wall decor. Home is our most important place. We should decorate them nicely to improve our moods and daily lives.


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